VP Leni: illuminate Duterte’s federalism

VP Leni: illuminate Duterte’s federalism

Vice President Leni Robredo wanted the Duterte Administration to explained its campaign to change the form of government to a Federal system.

She stressed to proposed shift in the form of governement which requires amending Constitution that must be studied and supported by filipino people.

She said “They always say that federalism is the answer. But I always ask, what is the question? If federalism is the answer, then what is the question?”

She urges Duterte ally to carefully memorized the proposals to a federal form of government, that other areas of the country would left out.

Rodredo notice that their would be a successful federal movement if the local government must have the competence to handle bigger authority who do not dominate politics .

Pres. Duterte also sees federalism as a suitable and acceptable compromise that will solve all the problems in Mindanao.

Furthermore federalism provides more powers to local governments including the power to established courts, impose taxes and made businesses.

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