LODI: Duterte ‘lies’ about his info machine


LODI Group ( Let’s Organize for Democracy and Integrity) scrutinize facts pronouncement from President Rodrigo Duterte about his supporters who command an online following.

The group said”Duterte himself has led the assault, aided by a well-oiled machinery of disinformation peddlers and digital storm troopers.”

They’ve notice that Duterte attacks on Media companies whom he accused of unfair reportage like ” part of underwritten by taxpayers which is amplified by a well-funded social media army.”

Lamangan said lies had been spread under current administration to keep itself in power largely because of the internet and social media.

“It is not enough to call for a halt to government-led disinformation campaigns for we will expose these deceptions,”the group said.

Furthermore this Sunday the group will join the rally marking at International Human Rights Day at Bonifacio Shrine in Manila.

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