Gatchalian urges ‘Martial Law’ in Mindanao would affect PH economy


Senator Sherwin Gatchalian chair of Senate committee on economic affairs said Martial Law in Mindanao could scare away interested investors as side effect.

“When we talk of martial law, foreign investors think that it is dangerous in the Philippines and that their rights would be violated. It would appear that we are unstable that’s why we needed martial law…It is really a bad taste in the mouth of our investors,” Gatchalain said.

He said government must show efforts to foreign investors that Philippines were still stable.

Senators must set a formal meeting to tackle the extension proposal of Martial Law in Mindanao this should be justify to them the basis of military rule.

“Even though they claim victory (against terrorists), terrorism is still alive. We don’t want to sleep only to wake up that they are back and much stronger. The momentum is on our side and our military. If we need to act, we have to act now. We don’t want it to happen again,” he added.

Furthermore Sen. Gatchalian wants to hear the Commission on Human Rights update about the violations of the Southern regions because of the Martial Law.

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