Duterte: Clark as next destination for business

Duterte: Clark as next destination for business


President Rodrigo Roa Duterte demand for a development of Clark for a very important destination for investments and projection of Manila that was dead almost 25 years.

Duterte said “Clark is a very important destination now in the Philippines. For want of space, I would easily tell investors to go to Clark. The amenities and resources are here.”

He urges that Manila is no longer an option for industries for they have to go to the provinces among Clark.

“You Kapampangans are lucky. God is wise. He gave you lahar [volcanic sediments from Mt. Pinatubo] that you use for construction. Most importantly, you were given Clark for you to manage and make use of,” Duterte added.

On the other hand Clark consists of 4,440 hectare and 28,479 ha and has a Special Economic Zone were 9,500 ha located at New Clark City.

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