We could be heroes

We could be heroes

andres-bonifacioIndeed Nov. 30 was a special day. Not just only we commemorate the birth of the hero Andrés Bonifacio y de Castro but to pursue what heroism is.

Philippines particularly celebrates heroism in a continuous passion all year around with at least three holidays known as National Heroes Day. In the absence of official declaration, which lead the way to recognize a national hero, that Filipino people regularly pay their respects in spirit and in deed.

The concept of heroism has become more inclusive, so to speak. Workers, Indigenous people and overseas Filipino workers have been recognized for their contribution to the society together with other everyday heroes who made everyday convenient.

Past and present administrations have made ambitious popular calls against corruption, but they end up accomplishing it. And indeed all efforts blown up, to the action itself. But how can action unfold if there is no comprehensive framework to work with?

Therefore the situation is instructive, because what we need right now is a total package of institutional reforms that would end up all the roots of corruption. In effect the embodiment of all anti corruption efforts into law is an imperative step that will transcend political timelines.

We still need national heroes, and that is a tall order. To end and arrest the chronic problem of corruption. Through collective participation we Filipino people can effectively thwart corruption. And then we could be heroes.


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