Have you experience Sleep Paralysis?

I know that you knew that these already happened to you!

Sleep Paralysis or Waking Nightmare: How can we avoid this and what to do to be awaken immediately?

Have you experienced that you’re sleeping for just a minute and suddenly be awakened that there’s something pulling you or someone trying to strangle your neck? You knew what is happening to your surroundings but you can’t talk or even move your body. You can see frightening spirits on your side, like ghosts, demon or white lady. The feeling that you want to be awaken very badly but you cannot move or even shout.

You wanted to shout to ask for help but there’s no voice coming out from your mouth. You wanted to move but it’s like your whole body is strangled. This is what you call sleep paralysis.

Sleep Paralysis is a common sleep condition. Even though its alarming, this is not dangerous or a medical emergency.

What is common in the episode of sleep paralysis is the incapability of speech and movement.


How long will it take?

This will take from several seconds to two minutes.

Frequently, it will stop by itself or when someone tap you or awake you.

How to avoid this?

  1. Avoid getting stressed.
  2. Take some regular exercise but not before going to bed.
  3. Have some enough sleep. Make a good sleeping schedule.
  4. If you are sick, be sure to track your medicine intake.
  5. Know your medicine’s side effect to avoid some side effects like sleep paralysis.

What to do if you experience this?

  1. Don’t fight it out. If you force to fight it, the feeling in your chest will become worst. Calm yourself even when you’re afraid.
  2.  Move your toe fingers. Frequently, sleep paralysis happen in the chest, stomach and throat. Focus your whole attention in moving your toes. This is an effective way to be awaken.
  3. Close and open your hand. For the technique #2.
  4. Controlled breathing. More often, when we’re on sleep paralysis we forget to breath controllably because we are frightened. Inhale and exhale to calm your breathing. These can minimize chest pains.
  5. Pray. It’s very effective.
  6. Cough. Because you can’t shout, try to cough until you are awake.
  7. Make face or fold your face as if you smell something very bad. Do this three times until you’re awaken.
  8. After you’re awake, don’t sleep again to stop sleep paralysis to continue. Put on the lights, wash your face and drink a glass of water.

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  1. i just had sleep paralysis again
    shit so weird
    everytime, i see a scary lookin mother fucker
    and then i get paralyzed
    and i feel like someone is going inside of me

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