Sass Sasot teases Trillanes, “I saw Pulong’s hidden tattoo”

Sass Sasot teases Trillanes, “I saw Pulong’s hidden tattoo”

On her facebook post, pro-Duterte blogger Sass Rogando Sasot wrote an open letter for Senator Antonio Trillanes:

Dear Trillanes:

“Nakita ko kagabi ang tattoo ni Pulong. Nagawa ko ang di mo nagawa: ang paghubarin siya. *bites lower lip*

Gusto ko lang malaman mo na hindi sacred digits ang nakita ko kundi sacred chost. At sa dila ng dragon ay may nakatatak na: Me love you long time.

Ang kontrabida sa buhay ni Krizette”


Sass confirmed that she saw the ‘mysterious tattoo’ of Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte because Pulong showed it to her.

She said that there was really a tattoo on his back but there were no sacred digits printed on it, contrary to the claims of Trillanes that it’s a dragon tattoo with digits linking to the powerful Triad group.


The vice mayor’s tattoo became very controversial when Trillanes linked Paolo to the triad group during the senate inquiry on illegal drug trade last September 2017.

Trillanes claimed that there’s a dragon tattoo printed on Duterte’s back, an evidence that can prove the vice mayor is a member of the powerful drug syndicate and allegedly behind the P6.4-B shabu shipment from China.

Unlike Sasot, Paolo Duterte refused to removed his shirt during the senate hearing when the senator told him to do so.



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