Renato Reyes reacts on Pres. Duterte’s ‘Terrorists” label to NPA and Leftist groups

Renato Reyes reacts on Pres. Duterte’s ‘Terrorists” label to NPA and Leftist groups

“We will go into an offensive mode and I think this is the most important thing. Before, we recognized them as legitimate rebels, but with their continued depredations and killing innocent people and even a 4 months old infant… I will be issuing a proclamation that removes them from the category of illegal entity and placing them as terrorists.”

This is the statement of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for the New People’s Army Rebel groups and Leftists in the Philippines.

Duterte added, “Beginning from now, there will no rebellion, because rebellion is just a slight offense, it can be bailable except for the leader. Now, I would consider them as criminals already. Nagsasawa na ako sa kalokohan nila! (I’m getting tired of their foolishness!) 

Moreover, the president is just giving his soldiers some ample time to rest because they just came from the battle in Marawi.

On a text message to GMA News, activist Renato Reyes disagreed on the ‘terrorists’ label given to them by the president.

“Duterte’s threat of a crackdown is intended to eliminate the most effective resistance to fascist dictatorship, human rights abuses, anti-people economic impositions and increased US intervention. Indeed we have seen this scenario before in our history, if that happens, it will be 1972 all over again. The people, however, will resist such a plan. Never again. All the issues Duterte against the NPA are best addressed through the peace talks. He knows who he needs to talk to. However, threatening the NPA with a terrorist label… will not accomplish anything, only intensified attacks on the people” Reyes reacted.

But netizens readily approved the declaration of the president against the NPA.

Duterte is giving them chances if they surrender to the government.

“If you surrender, I can give you houses, jobs, and I will take you in the government but you have to work because I will not just pay you for indolence, you have to work just like any other Filipino working every day to earn money,” the president said.

Duterte strongly declared, “NPAs are now considered terrorists, they are not fighting for any principles.”


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