BREAKING NEWS: Duterte declares NPAs as Terrorists and Criminals

BREAKING NEWS: Duterte declares NPAs as Terrorists and Criminals

During the launching of Tienda Farmers and Fisherfolks outlet in Abreeza Mall, Davao City, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte strongly declared the New People’s Army (NPA) and left groups as terrorist and criminals.

“What’s the point of talking to me, if you consider me as a corrupt official! You’re putting me just like others,” said the president.


NPAs are known to extort businessmen and even lowly farmers. The president said that because people are forced to pay them, products become expensive.

“We will go to an offensive mode and I think this is the most important thing. Before, we recognized them as legitimate rebels, but with their continued depredations and killing innocent people and even a 4 months old infant… I will be issuing a proclamation that removes them from the category of illegal entity and placing them as terrorists,” the feisty president declared.

Duterte added, “Beginning from now, there will no rebellion, because rebellion is just a slight offense, it can be bailabl,e except for the leader. Now, I would consider them as criminals already. Nagsasawa na ako sa kalokohan nila! (I’m getting tired of their follishness!)

“You’re putting yourselves as legitimate but you’re the reason the industry is going down and make it hard for the people make a living.”

But Duterte are giving them chances if they surrender to the government.

“If you surrender, I can give you houses, jobs, and I will take you in the government but you have to work because I will not just pay you for indolence, you have to work just like any other Filipino working everyday to earn money,” the president said.

Duterte strongly declared, “NPAs are now considered terrorists, they are not fighting for any principles.”


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