Good News: Facebook and Duterte Gov’t, push for an ULTRA HIGH Speed Internet in PH

Good News: Facebook and Duterte Gov’t, push for an ULTRA HIGH Speed Internet in PH

It’s one of the good news for today.

Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) together with Facebook already signed the Landing Party Agreement (LPA) which will make way for the construction of an internet infrastructure in the Philippines.

The Duterte Administration and Facebook will partner in building ultra high speed information highway in the Philippines. This means a faster but cheaper internet connection in the country.

Here’s the full video of the presscon:

Stated in the signed agreement that the technology giant Facebook will build and manage the operation system and DICT will maintain the facility.

On the press release issued by DICT, it stated,

‘The system is expected to be on line at the end of 2019 and will provide speeds comparable to that of Singapore, Japan and South Korea.

Under the agreement, Facebook will construct, develop, operate, maintain and secure the submarine cable system, originating from the United States, crossing the Pacific Ocean to Luzon and then onward to Hong Kong.

DICT, on the other hand will operate and maintain the facility and bring the bandwidth to the last mile.”

It added, “Faster and cheaper internet is among the bold solutions being pushed by the Duterte government as part of the 0+10-point agenda of the President, which details priority programs to alleviate poverty, spur inclusive growth and development, and create jobs throughout the country.”

Dizon added, “Facebook will provide the Philippine government 2 million mbps which is almost equivalent to the total bandwidth of the 2 major telco companies combined.”


The Philippines’ internet speed is so slow at 3.6 Mbps, even lagging behind its ASEAN neighbors like Indonesia(4.1Mbps), Laos(4.0Mbps), Myanmar(4.9Mbps), Malaysia(5.5Mbps) and Cambodia(5.7Mbps). While Singapore is enjoying a whooping 61.0 Mbps internet speed.


Alibaba founder Jack Ma also criticized how slow was the connection in the Philippines when he visited the country last October.

“I arrived late last night and I tried to test the speed of Philippine internet… It’s no good,” the Chinese business tycoon said regarding the internet speed in the Philippines.

“Honestly, it’s unfair to blame anyone for slow internet. Opportunity exists in areas most people complain about. If you can solve a complaint, you have a chance,” he said.


With the signing of agreement between the government and Facebook, a new hope has awaken millions of Filipinos who are classifying internet as a necessity.

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