Dead bodies of lost couple, now found! CHR, CBCP, mum on the issue

Dead bodies of lost couple, now found! CHR, CBCP, mum on the issue

Families and friends of the couple who were brutally killed were found last Sunday in Bataan, one day after they were reported ‘lost’.

The victims were identified as James Carl Guzman and his girlfriend, Glory May Carbonell, which according to the investigation, were both employees of a fast food chain.

According to the reports from GMA News, it was reported the two were lost when ‘baranggay tanods’ found their belongings in Wetland and Nature Park in Balanga City, Saturday night. They were shocked to find their dead bodies the next morning, one of them was floating along the shores of Orion (Guzman), and the other one was seen in the town of Pilar (Carbonell).

In an statement, Guzman’s mother divulged to the media, her son bade farewell to her to fix his schedule and to get his salary. While Carbonell, said to her loved ones, will go to church, but went to the park instead.

The mother added, a major beating on her son’s nape was the probable cause of his death, while a big damage was also seen in the body of his girlfriend, according to the autopsy results.

While netizens gave their condolences to the family and loved ones, a lot also lambasted the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) for quieting regarding the issue. According to the irritated netizens, if there were no one compromising criminals, there are no crime such as this that will happen.

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