Is it okay to wear fake watches?

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Is it okay to wear fake watches?

Richard William Beavis, Watch fanatic, fashion conscious fashion blogger

I don’t agree with fakes as it is illegal, so i would say no.

I would reccommend wait until you can afford a genuine one or go for a watch that offers the same look as one of the high end brands like Omega without breaking the bank.

There is no point going broke to look rich on a purchase of one watch if you can’t justify the purchase of the high mark up on an Omega timepiece in the first place.

If you cant purchase a high end brand in the immediate future then go for a watch that looks similar to one of the high end brands, they are called ‘Homages’.

Something like this – Benedict – It looks similar to a Hublot which is a high end watch but offers the benefit of being low end budget ($80 bucks) watch.

This way you can still have ‘the look’ whilst you are saving for the Omega.

Jon Wan, lived in Singapore

I would not recommend wearing a fake / replica watch. However, this choice ultimately lies with you.

I have many friends, we refer to ourselves as “watch enthusiasts”. We share our collection and thoughts. To be very honest, prices of these watches are rarely discussed – there is no focus on importance of this.

Replicas are really different – these are breaches of intellectual property. If you really want to impress someone, it should not be what is worn on your wrist.

One day, when you’ve worked hard for that genuine Omega…you’d forget you ever asked this question.

Otto William Halim, studied Philosophy (2004)

NO !

It is not okay to wear fake watches !

If you do, you are also supporting all the “darker” industry involving it. Modern day slavery, terrorist funding, under age children abuse, just to name a few.

So before you buy and wear that fake watches think about what i just said.

Chances are most of people that said it is okay to wear fake watches are the one that sell fake watches !

We have a lot of division among watch collecting. Some hate certain brands, while some love it to the core. But we are all agree on fake watches. We called it toilet paper.

Hope this will seriously help you to avoid any fake watches in your life


Jay Cross

If you like fake things YES….
Morally NO…

I Wrote this a little while back…An extract

“Besides the obvious watch crimes such as Theft, robberies and muggings and not to forget lost watches each year there are 30-40 million counterfeit, replicated & duplicated/cloned watches are put into circulation (Est. 40% from China) which in turn is the major cause of an estimated just over half a billion GBP£ loss per year to the watch industry in its self.”

Please do not contribute to the crime….Better a GENUINE CASIO than a FAKE OMEGA


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