Thinking Pinoy degrades Trillanes, “He’s ignorant of the Law

Thinking Pinoy degrades Trillanes, “He’s ignorant of the Law

Manila, Philippines – Senator Antonio Trillanes will file a case against RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy for spreading fake news about him.

In Nieto’s facebook post, one can read about how US President Donald Trump called Trillanes as “little narco”.

The blogger based his post from an article written by Pilipino Star Ngayon, a leading tabloid in the country. Lately, Pilipino Star’s editor-in-chief and writer of the column, Al Pedroche, already asked apology from Trillanes. According to the senator, Nieto instead of being sorry, he’s very hard headed.

“It is clear, we can’t find it in the US government website on the presidential pronouncements and interviews, it’s not there, ” Trillanes insisted. “This is a propaganda operation. I will face them,” he added.

But Nieto defended that he quoted the news from a legitimate source, a leading tabloid. Thus, he will not ask for an apology and it’s better the senator files a case against him.

He added in dismay that Trillanes is a lawmaker but very ignorant of the law.

“The allegedly libelous statement contains the word ‘reportedly’. I hope the senator, who appears have no access to dictionary, can at least google what the word means,” Nieto’s facebook post as quoted.

On his facebook account he posted this tirade to Trillanes.

“Napakasaya lang na ang kabobohan ay hindi nakakahawang sakit. Kundi, naimpeksyon na ni Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes ang buong bansa,” he said. “We’re delighted that stupidity in not a contagious disease. Because if it was,¬†Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes already infected the whole country.”

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