What to do with the left-over ‘suman’ after All Souls Day?

What to do with the left-over ‘suman’ after All Souls Day?

After the scorching November heat at the cemetery in remembrance of our departed love ones and friends, we now turn to how we devour a lot of left-over food. You have given a lot of rice cakes already to you neighbors but there’s still a lot of food sitting on the fridge after November 1 and 2. One of these Filipino delicacy we love to prepare during “Undas”, is the “suman” or glutinous rice rolls wrap on banana leaves or coconut strands.

Recycling your left-over food will be the best way to eliminate waste. Instead of throwing your lef-over suman on the waste basket (which is not appropriate), try to be creative in making new recipe out of them. Here’s a recipe you can do with your leftover suman.



This simple dish can be traced back to Spanish and Mexican influences as a result of the Galleon trade, the time chocolate was introduce to the Philippines. A hot and delicious champorado or chocolate rice porridge will be just quick and easy. Here’s how:

  1. Pour around to cups of milk (evaporated, fresh milk or low fat milk) into a pot.
  2. Add three ro four tablespoon of Hershey Cocoa (or any brand of sweetened cocoa powder), bring it to a boil.
  3. Simply unwrap and mash up the suman in the pot and allow it to simmer.

Since the suman is already sweet, you don’t need to add sugar, but if you’re using the “puto maya” (regular sticky rice), adding some sugar to taste is also good.

Add some more milk before serving.

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Featured recipe from mytasteph.com http://www.mytasteph.com/click/index/1502330/dude4food.blogspot.com

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