Reward money vs. Maute-ISIS leader recruiting in Lanao

Reward money vs. Maute-ISIS leader recruiting in Lanao

Muslim Ulamas and the local government unit (LGU) officials confirmed the continuous recruitment of the remaining members  of the already shaken Maute-ISIS group in Lanao del Sur.

This was brought into light after the chase of the authorities against the newly appointed leader Wayda Marahomsar Benito who was at the helm of recruiting youths based in the municipalities of the province.

Lanao del Sur 2nd District Board member Abdulhamin Amerbitor is willing to give P100,000 cash reward to the residents who can pinpoint Benito’s location, so that he can be arrested.

Amerbitor confirmed that Marahomsar is of the same level with the Maute brothers who escaped together with some Maute-ISIS members in the height of the armed forces’ operations in Marawi.

This is the reason why residents were gathered every now and then and it was personally attended by government officials to explain the damage it could bring if we are under the terrorist’s custody.

In accordance to this, Lanao del Sur Governor Adiong alerted his towns to capture Marahomsar’s group faster.

One member of the group, Indonesian terrorist Muhammad Ilham Syahputra were already captured by the Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team


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