Trump tags PH Senator “The Little Narco”

Trump tags PH Senator “The Little Narco”

In an statement, US President Donald Trump called Senator Antonio Trillanes IV as “The Little Narco” who met US Senator Rubio. Reporters got this comment from the president himself, in Texas as he was about to ride the Airforce One. Trillanes went to the US the previous week allegedly convincing higher ranks to interfere the president’s visit to the Philippines.

Based on the news, Trump didn’t recognized Trillanes as a senator but a “narco’. Reporters asked Trump on how true that the senator convinced him not to push through with the planned visit to the Philippines  to attend the East Asian Summit on November 14. And the president’s answer was, “Senator who? Like I said senator who?” Trump answered blatantly. “The lil’ narco who met Marco? How’d he get a visa? Isn’t he wanted, doesn’t he have an arrest warrant or something?” he added.

“I’m going to Manila to meet the main guy. A leaders’ leader, man’s man Rody, we talk from time to time, he’s the head of ASEAN right now and when you do deal you deal with the boss”.

Trillanes went to America the previous week and met with several US officials including Sen. Marco Rubio. The two exchanged thoughts on important matters involving the nation’s stand on extra judicial killings, corruption and justice system.

According to Ambassador Marciano Paynor Jr. ASEAN 2017 Director General for Operations, Trump will be in the Philippines from November 12 to November 13 to attend the ASEAN SUMMIT but cannot attend the East Asia Summit on the 14th because of conflict of schedule.



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