Halloween Horror: Bodies chopped up into pieces discovered in a house in Japan

Halloween Horror: Bodies chopped up into pieces discovered in a house in Japan


On Halloween Day itself, police found nine bodies and two with their heads severed put inside a cool box in a house in Zama District, a suburb in Tokyo, Japan. Flat owner Takahiro Shiraishi, 27 years old was already arrested by Japan police.

According to Japanese media reports, Takahiro made a statement that it is true that he killed those people and hide their bodies to destroy evidence. Jiji Press reported that the suspect chopped up the bodies in the bathroom, while they found a saw in his room. The bodies were of eight women and one man, according to the report.

Before the dead bodies were discovered, neighbors complained of the foul smell coming from the suspect’s apartment unit. They thought it was coming from a damage sewage pipe nearby.

Investigators said that they found some body parts buried at the back side of the apartment building.


Tokyo Metropolitan Police officers were investigating the case of a woman who suddenly disappeared in Hachioji, Tokyo, early October, leading them to this horrifying scenario.

The woman is thought have exchanged some online messages with Shiraishi as believed by her brother who discovered a twitter post by her sister stating that she wanted to kill herself. In her tweet, it reads: “I’m looking for someone to die with me.” The suspect was believed responded to the message she posted online. Security camera footage showed the woman and Shiraishi walking at a station near her home and also close to his apartment, police told the press.

Tokyo police will charge Shiraishi and started to conduct DNA tests on the dead bodies in order to know the victims’ identity.






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