Delima nominated to receive highest human rights honor

Delima nominated to receive highest human rights honor

Detained Senator Leila De lima will be awarded a human rights honor by the Liberal International. According to the organization, the feisty senator was voted by politicians from around the world to receive The Prize for Freedom, the highest human rights honor given by the said institution. She was described as a”political prisoner” and recognized by being a staunch critic to the influential Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte accusing him of extra judicial summary killings back then, when the president was still a mayor in Davao City.

De Lima was detained facing some charges of her involvement in the illegal drug trade inside the National Bilibid Prison. According to the drug lords summoned during the senate hearing, De Lima used them to get financial support from them to augment her senatorial bid in 2016.

De Lima was the former Justice Secretary during Aquino’s term, where Bilibid Prison become one of her jurisdiction–an alleged haven of the biggest drug operation in the country.

While De Lima is currently in detention facing various cases, it is ironic that human rights groups alluded her, even giving her highest honors.



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