Remembering beloved Pets on the Day of the Dead

Remembering beloved Pets on the Day of the Dead


Every November 1 and 2 of the year, the Christian world would flock to cemeteries to rekindle the moments with the deceased love one — to give prayers, or pay homage. For some others, the event eventually become a family reunion of relatives gathered together in this day of remembrance.

In the Philippines, cemeteries are not the only places that are jam-packed with people during this time of the year but places like the PAWS Rehabilitation Center or PARC would be seemingly full of people, too.

Pet lovers and pet owners alike visit go here to remember their departed canine or feline pals. This special place was set-up by PARC as  burial ground specifically for the resting paws.

Ele Mendoza and Ethell Padernal of Sta. Mesa, Manila spent long hours of travel just to light a candle for their dog buried in the center. While Maritess Maestro brought along a bunch of flowers for her long lost dog friend. When Evangeline Banaria went to the place, she can’t stop herself crying remembering her dog who died in an accident. “I am still sad even though it’s almost 2 years our family’s dog is not with us anymore,” Evangeline said.

PAWS understand how the owners felt thus, they set-up a memorial wall for their pets in remembrance of their awesomeness. There are now at least 400 pets buried in the vacant lot of PARC ranging from dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. while 200 photos are currently displayed on their memorial wall.

Aside from flowers and lighted candles, we can also see their pets’ favorite toys placed neatly beside their photos, left behind by their owners and so called “family”.




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