PH Senator Trillanes cries foul over traitor remarks about him

trillanes rubio duterte

Philippine Senator Antonio Trillanes IV addressed the treason allegation regarding him because he made talks with US Senator Marco Rubio.

It was unbelievable for Trillanes that he was still called a traitor eventhough  Rubio himself said that their talk was about the PH-US alliance, corruption, and human rights situation.

“They said I’m a traitor. And what do you call to the protectors of a president who is a killer and let Filipinos die, heroes?” said Trillanes.

Trillanes previously confirmed that he met with some officials in the United States but basically denied the allegations that he’s planning to stop US President Donald Trump’s travel to the Philippines on November.

“Be assured that I pushed for the interests ofn our country. But let me emphasize that the interests of our country are not necessarily the same as the interests of Mr. Duterte,”  Trillanes stated.



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