PH President Duterte warns oppositions: “Rev Gov is a GO, if you destroy the country”


In an statement, Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte said that he has no plans at all to declare Martial Law but warns oppositions that he might go for revolutionary government if they continue with their acts of destroying the country.

“If the ship will tilt, I might declare revolutionary government,” the president said. “Ngunit maganda naman ang biyahe ngayon.” (But the trip today is very good.)

“Even if there’s a storm once in a while, we’re okay,” he added. “But if the state is about to lose its identity and the government breaks down, my duty is to protect the people and preserve the country.”

Few days ago, the president declared the war-torn Marawi City free after the victorious assault of his military men in the area, defeating the ISIS-inspired Maute group. Rehabilitation program is on its way to rebuild the once lively Islamic state in Muslim Mindanao.

His ardent critics point out that his war on drugs is very brutal, leading to the rise of extra judicial killings in the country.  But contrary to the oppositions, recent surveys tell that Mr. Duterte gain a very good performance ratings from his fellowmen.




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